Published on 31/12/2018
Gravity Banana: Part 1 is an action-platformer game and the second game of the Test Area 112 series. The game revolves around Gravity Banana and its allies in their quest to destroy all Pickles and escape the lab in 5 diverse environments. Fight countless Pickles, challenge powerful bosses and escape the lab!

Gravity Banana: Part 1 includes:
+20 levels - fight 10 kinds of Pickles and 7 different objects in 5 unique worlds!
+5 bosses - challange 5 diverse bosses, one for each world!
+4 playable characters - play the game as any one of the 4, and change any time you want!
+Co-Op - every single level and boss can be played with a friend!
+PvP - challange your friends in 5 different PvP levels!
+3 difficulty options - adjust the difficulty to your level, and slowly increase it to truly beat the game on Hard!
+Achievements - try to find and unlock all 15 achievements!
This is a remake of the original game and the second game in the Test Area 112 game series.
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