Published on 21/01/2016
Gravity Banana is an action-platform game about a banana that came to life in a lab with pickles and peppers.
Armed with the peppers it took and a gravity changer, Gravity Banana is set on an adventure to destroy the pickles and escape the lab.

Gravity Banana includes:
+25 levels - 20 regular levels and 5 boss battles!
+5 minigames - Play with you friends in PvP and Co-Op or break your records in 3 endless minigames!
+Upgrade shop - Improve you stats over time or buy seeds to help you in your levels!
+And much more!
Click here to download it to your computer!
Game programmed in Visual Basic by Gur Ladizhinsky.
Animations and graphics made in NeoPaint and Realworld Paint by Dan Zander.
Music was written and recorded by Matar Eliaz.