Published on 30/08/2023
Frogman Magmaborn is a story-based rogue-like strategy RPG. Discover story and characters each run, battle in diverse hand-crafted maps, and edit everything with the dedicated modding tool!

Key features::
+Tactical RPG gameplay - Battle your way out with a small squad in a variety of hand-crafted levels, with multiple objectives & events!
+Roguelike mechanics - Once Frogman dies, he's Reborn from a different place. Buy permanent upgrades, then set out again!
+Story integration - Each level can feature new events, and even characters, from over 50 different conversations. Dying and returning is a core aspect of the story!
+Advanced modding tools - Almost every aspect of the game can be modded with Frog Forge - built alongside the game directly for this purpose. Create & edit maps, events, characters, classes and more!
+Completely free & open source - Both the game and Frog Forge are available on GitHub, and are completely free of charge with an MIT license!
You can get it on Steam,, GitHub, and our website:

Click here to view the source code on GitHub!
Click here to download it to your computer!